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Listener Mail

We asked for your strong opinions about the villagers and characters of Animal Crossing. We love reading your letters and featured some in Episode 2, but we didn't have enough time to include them all. So here they are for you to read at your leisure!

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As soon as I heard you were excepting emails in regards to your listener’s favourite villagers, I straight away knew I had to write in about my favourite villager in animal crossing. Whitney the wolf. 


My first encounter with Whitney wasn’t actually in any of the games, but in the Animal Crossing movie. Shortly after, as if by Destiny, Whitney moved into my village on the 3DS. I love her design, an all white wolf with great blue eyes and a little tuft of hair in the front. Where as many villagers are colours like pink, blue or green, Whitney feels different, like you’re lucky to have this rare white wolf move in.

I talked to her more than my other villagers I’m ashamed to admit. I was determined to obtain a framed picture of her which I could proudly display in my home. Once I did, my interest in Animal Crossing New Leaf started to wane. I had achieved my goal and I wanted to walk away from the game for a while. But once I came back, Whitney had gone, leaving me a farewell letter never to be seen again. Maybe she thought she was a means to an end and all I wanted was her picture, not her friendship. Oh well. 

— Mayor R, Ultra

Episode 2: Everybody Loves Barold

Is this the hour-long podcast dedicated to 100% Barold news, analysis and opinion you've been looking for? Not this time I'm afraid: we also talk about other Animal Crossing characters and villagers, pay a visit to Chuk Chuk, and open the listener mailbag.


Kristyna loves Barold so much that she sent us this amazing tribute! We were so impressed, we made it the episode art too. If you like it, check out her more of her work over at her website

Time Capsule

Town: Chuk Chuk

Game: Animal Crossing New Leaf
Mayor: Pomble (Kristyna)

Bio: “I make comics and illustrations, and I'm also a mammal that puts on clothes and talks."

Dream Address: 6C00-0019-BFC2



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