Inside the Lighthouse

Episode 3: Pigeon Milk

The gang explore some of Animal Crossing’s central mysteries: what are gyroids, should you drink pigeon milk - and what’s Tortimer really up to on that island? Plus, Timothy confronts his past as we take a trip to the lost town of Sassly.


Tangy might have left Sassly, but at least Timothy can console himself by gazing this lovely fan-art that he drew. And if you think this is cute, just wait until you see his comic, Littlest Friends.

Time Capsule

Player name: Timothy

Town: Sassly

Game: New Leaf

Bio: “I'm is a sassy, independent man who can do anything. Check out my podcast, People I Know."

Dream Address: 7D00-00EF-FCC4

Secret Rulers of the World:
The Bilderberg Group

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