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Hi-Score Club

Community Guidelines

Ryu: powerful, stoic, wonderful forearms.  A man of few words - but somebody who always shows respect to others. 
Great online etiquette!

Ryu and Ken Fist bump Street Fighter III

1. Be excellent to each other

Our favourite thing about the club is the culture of positivity, inclusion, and kindness that our members create for each other every single day.

We love having a variety of perspectives on topics: we all see games a little bit differently and that’s part of the fun! The only guidance we have is to be respectful of others’ opinions and to communicate in a positive way.


Ken: lovely eyebrows, bit of a hothead. He's always lighting up the comments with flaming shoryuken-like hot takes. But at the end of the day, Master Gouken don't raise no fools - Ken has good online manners too!


2. Believe in the power of positivity!

We want to ensure that Hi-Score Club will always be a friendly and welcoming environment that’s open to everybody. 

We love all video game chat from joke threads all the way to spicy in-depth discourse. Sometimes when passionate opinions are in the mix, it's easy to get carried away so please be sure to express yourself in a way that promotes positive conversation, taking into account that others may feel a different but equally valid way to you:

Encouraged: “ I wish we could have the ability to choose stages in Splatoon! How does everybody feel about the developer decision to time-lock maps in Splatoon?"

Not encouraged: “The map rotation in Splatoon is awful! Splatoon is a stupidly made game that only doo doo heads enjoy!”


Kirby: flying! Sword fighting! Battling penguin monsters! 

This little puffball can be pretty fearsome when the chips and down but he always goes out of the way to help others with a cheerful demeanor and positive attitude! What a guy.


3. Wide-ranging chats

are encouraged!

Although each channel in our Discord server has a different purpose, we love getting to know each other via the fun tangential off-topic chat that arises naturally. We're always psyched to learn something new about each other and believe in the power of play to bring people together.

That said, please use your best judgement to determine when a tangent has gotten “too big” and suggest moving a topic to the general channel (or ask the HSC Debug team to create a new channel) for maximum good vibes.



Blathers: hates bugs, loves a chat. On the Discord, he'd probably be found getting very excited about trivia and starting 3 inter-related sub-conversations at once - and we're here for it, honey.

Howver, at the end of the day, Blathers knows when it's time to file certain things in a specific place so they can be appreciated even more!  Great energy, Blathers!

PaRappa says that you gotta believe that video games are here for you to enjoy!

4. Video games should be fun!

Line_Sticker_Parappa_14 (1).png

Unless the developers are trying to make you cry of course!


Sometimes it can feel weird to not be clicking with a game - especially one that people in the club are excited about. Sometimes certain things aren’t for everybody  (just look at Steeny’s K-D ratio in overwatch - yikes) but that’s ok!


Step out when you need to step out - and don’t forget that there’s usually somebody in the club who’ll want to play a different game with you.


Chop Chop Master Onion has a fighting spirit but knows when it's time to slow things down, Romantic Karate style!

Ryu: you already KNOW he's one of the best dudes ever.

Ryu Cyclops.gif

5. New members are always welcome!

New members are always welcome! We're always looking for even more positive people to help make this the best corner of the internet for video games. 

If you’re enjoying the club’s energy and think you’ve got a friend who’d also appreciate hanging out with us, please invite them to the Discord or Facebook group. Just don't forget to make a post introducing the club to them: that's the most fun part!

Cyclops: very understanding that even though Ryu is not a mutant, what's much more important is what unites them: namely, that they can both shoot wicked cool amounts of energy out of their body and into the bad guys.

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