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Think you have what it takes to earn a shot at the Hi-Score Club’s reigning Smash Bros Champion, Sebychu?

On June 22, a one-night Championship Ladder will take place, in which club members will face off in 1v1s to climb the ranks and earn a title shot!

The Ladder is ordered so that the higher a player is currently ranked in HSC (currently determined by recent victories during official HSC contests) the further up they begin. The lower a player is currently ranked, the more opponents they have to get through to make it to the Champion! 

The most important thing to know is that all skill levels are encouraged to take part! We use a Rankings/ Ladder system between our knockout tournaments to create an environment of fair and fun matches where players can enjoy games with opponents of equivalent skill levels. Whether your goal is to win the Championship goal, improve gradually, or just have fun and not worry about the wins and losses, we hope you’ll enjoy taking part!

Not currently ranked? No problem! Sign up and you’ll be put into a small Round Robin pool of other debuting challengers to set your initial ranking on the Ladder.

This time, anybody ranked #4 or under is guaranteed to play at least 2 matches. So, even if you don’t initially advance up the ladder, you’ll still have the ability to positively influence your overall ranking.

Worried about the long-term implications of rankings? Don’t be! This Summer, rankings will be entirely reset when we put on our next big double-elimination bracket. Stay tuned for the date!

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