Nook Getaways Inc is impressed by Hi-Score Clubbers' efforts to develop their lively and inventive islands, and would like to help Resident Representatives bring in the tourists. What better way to showcase the delights of the archipelago - and capture this special period of collaboration - than to create a Travel Guide to be stuck into the backs of seats on Dodo Airways flights?”

We invite you   to produce a Travel Guide for your New Horizons island!
Need to know
  • Your one-page Travel Guide must be piece of art that can be used digitally

  • It will be showcased on this website and may be shared on Hi-Score Club's social channels and Discord community

  • We plan to feature some of the Travel Guides on Asstown on Tour on Twitch and YouTube too

  • We won’t use your work anywhere else without talking to you first

One-page Travel Guide suggestions

Don't know where to start? Why not try one or more of these ideas...

  • An illustration advertising your island and all things that make it special - beauty spots, landmarks, things you’re proud of...

  • An advert for one or more of your island’s amenities, shops or travelling merchants

  • A short written introduction to your island written by your resident rep

  • A Vanity Fair style photoshoot with your favourite villager

  • ‘Photos’ of your tourist attractions

We’re looking for original content such as illustrations, writing or design work of your own, and it would be great to include screenshots from your island!

You don't have to be a professional artist or an illustrator - just have fun!

Prefer to hand craft? So long as you can take a

photo or scan it in, no problem!


​Your final image needs to be:

  • 210 × 210 mm 

  • 300dpi

  • jpg or png

  • RGB

Submit your Travel Guide


Upload your image (please name the file so we know it's yours) 



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