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Asstown: Episode 3


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Pigeon Milk

The gang explore some of Animal Crossing’s central mysteries: what are gyroids, should you drink pigeon milk - and what’s Tortimer really up to on that island? Plus, Timothy confronts his past as we take a trip to the lost town of Sassly.

Timothy's Town Pass Card


Player name: Timothy

Town: Sassly

Dream Address: 7D00-00EF-FCC4

Bio: “I'm is a sassy, independent man who can do anything. Check out my podcast, People I Know."

Bonus bits

Tangy might have left Sassly, but at least Timothy can console himself by gazing this lovely fan-art that he drew. And if you think this is cute, just wait until you see his comic, Littlest Friends.

Secret Rulers of the World: The Bilderberg Group

Inside the Lighthouse

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Next episode...

In the next episode will consider the seasons and events of Animal Crossing. Which events do you never miss? What do the seasons add to the games? Let us know using the form below.

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