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Asstown: Episode 4


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Stalk Market

Asstown's guest mayors talk us through their favourite seasons and events, and they share their top Stalk Market turnip trading tips. Charlie takes us on a tour of the (potentially) Unesco World Heritage Town of Rosewish. Plus - one lucky listener gets their home appraised by the HHA. 

Charlie's Town Pass Card


Player name: Charlie

Town: Rosewish

Dream Address: 6A00-0145-CF2D

Bio: Charlie Jamison is a secret princess and D.Va main, though not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Instagram: @charliejamison

Bonus audio

Production update on Asstown Episode 4

Production update on Asstown Episode 4 - Hi-Score Club
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Buxtonesque intro - full version
Buxtonesque intro - Christopher Alcock & David Thair
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Music by Christopher Alcock

Lyrics and vocals by David Thair

Inspiration by Adam Buxton

I… made a brand new podcast about Animal Crossing

Now you have downloaded it or maybe you are streaming

I know I take a while to make each one

But I hope you will agree that they’re fun


My name is David Thair and I’m your mayor

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Listener mail

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Next episode...

Next episode we'll be talking about collections, systems... and luck. Send us your stories, theories and unsubstantiated rumours about what makes this wild world go round:

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