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Asstown: Episode 5


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Shownotes:  Perfection

Mayor Thair unveils his rudimentary six-step plan towards perfection in Animal Crossing. Plus, he receives a mysterious casette tape in the post, and we find there's unfinished business in Steentown as we exhume Martin's time capsule.

Martin's Town Pass Card


Player name: Martin

Town: Steen(town)

Dream Address: 6D00-017D-282F

Bio: Martin Steenton is a man-baby trying hard to be a baby-man. When he's not streaming games with fellow Hi-Score Club members on Twitch, he's being highly influential on Instagram @steenton.

Letter writing

Want to look behind the curtain and find out how villagers in Animal Crossing "read" your letters?

Spoilers: they seem to care more about form than substance.

James Chambers wrote this Twitter thread explaining how it works, which has also been conveniently summarised in an article on The Verge.


The 'cassette tape' played in this episode was a special preview of the track

KK Slider Jammin' After Hours by Catbeats, due for release on Friday 20th March 2020.

Catbeats is chill music with a strong Animal Crossing vibe.

Listen to Catbeats now on Bandcamp and Spotify!

We love getting your letters!

Listener mail

What do you think makes a perfect town? Has luck been an important system for you when you play? Share your thoughts in the comments:

Next episode...

Will be the final episode in Season 1 of Asstown. We'll be talking about what happens when Animal Crossing and real-life mix. So please, send us stories of your experience.

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