Players were split into 4 groups of 4 and faced each opponent in their group once. The top two players of each group progressed to the Double Elimination stage. Match Rules: 1 v 1, best-of-three, Items Off, FS Meter Off.


The eight surviving players entered a Double Elimination bracket! Matches became best-of-five and a player had to lose two matches to be eliminated. The two players left standing progressed to the title match!  Match Rules: 1 v 1, best-of-five, Items Off, FS Meter Off.

We thought the book was closed once and for all on this legendary Hi-Score Club Smash rivalry but it all came down to this. Torpordust may have been 2-0 in HSC-sanctioned matches against Dim before the tournament but Dim settled the score and became the first ever HSC Smash Bros Champion in the process! Match Rules: 1 v 1, best-of-seven, Items Off, FS Meter Off.


Hi-Score Club Super Smash Bros. Championship


Note: Hi-Score Club believes that Smash is a many splendoured thing! In future, we may run more diverse rule formats as we continue forward with Smash events!

General Rules


  • Arena Settings: 3 Stocks, 10 Minute Time Limit.

  • Items are disabled.

  • Match is determined by best 2 out of 3 games won during the Group Stage

  • Match is determined by best 3 out of 5 games won at the Double Elimination Stage

  • Match is determined by best 4 out of 7 games won in the Championship Final.

  • Default Smash Sudden Death rules (1 stock, 300%, shrinking stage) are in effect if a game goes to time with stocks still remaining.

Tournament Structure: Group Stage


  • The first stage of the tournament will be a Group Stage.. 16 contenders will be divided up into 4 groups:

    •  Mushroom Group

    •  Popstar Group

    • Lylat Group

    • Hyrule Group

  • Each group will play out in a round robin format (each contender plays 1 match against each other contender).

  • Each match win counts as 1 point. Then, the two players with the most points from each group will progress to the bracket stage.

  • In the event of a tie in points between players, a single tiebreaker game will be played to determine the victor (stage choice determined by coin flip).

Tournament Structure: Double Elimination Stage


  • The second stage of the tournament will be a Double Elimination knockout bracket. Players will progress through the bracket as shown above.

  • Players that lose a match are moved to the Second Chance bracket to continue playing.

  • Players who lose a second match are knocked out of the tournament.

  • The undefeated player & the winner of the Second Chance bracket and advance to the Championship Final.

Tournament Structure: Championship Final

  • Winner becomes the inaugural HSC Hi-Score Club Champion. 

Stage Picks


  • At the start of the match, players may flip a coin to determine who gets first stage pick (

  • Once a stage has been picked, both players set their "preferred stage choice" to the picked stage to ensure it is used.

  • For all games after the first, stage choice is loser's pick.

  • In the Championship Final, the player who remained undefeated in the Double Elimination Stage winner automatically gets first stage pick.

Legal/ Recommended Stages

HSC FUN TIME RULE - The below stage list is a  guideline for the benefit of keeping things fair! But FUN is important too! If BOTH players are consenting, any stage can be chosen, or both players may set their stage choice to random.

  • - Battlefield (+ all Battlefield Stages)

  • - Final Destination (+ all Omega Stages)

  • - Dream Land

  • - Yoshi's Story

  • - Fountain of Dreams

  • - Pokémon Stadium

  • - Yoshi's Island

  • - Halberd

  • - Lylat Cruise

  • - Pokémon Stadium 2

  • - Castle Siege

  • - Smashville

  • - Skyloft

  • - Town and City

  • - Boxing Ring

  • - Pilotwings


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