Hi-Score Club's best Smash siblings will face off for the HSC Super Smash Bros. Championship in a double elimination tournament!
These "For Glory" competitors will be battling it out in classic fashion via no items, 3 stock, 10 minute bouts!


Pokémon Trainer,
Mewtwo, Villager



Jigglypuff, Ganondorf, Ness



Bowser, Robin



Ganondorf, Chrom, Luigi, Young Link



Falcon, Ganondorf,
Greninja, +More



Samus, Dark Pit,
Ike, Wii Fit Trainer



Zelda, King K Rool,

P Plant +More






Ganondorf, Ike, Joker, Ness +More



Zero Suit Samus,
Terry, Lucina +More


The format this time is Best-of-Three Double Elimination! As usual for HSC, we use Double Elimination all the way up to but not including the grand final. Instead, the grand final becomes a winner-takes-all Best of Five!


Commissioner Roland Emmeritus has awarded first round byes to the players who placed highest during our last ranked Smash contest: One Night Ladder! 


Old hands and less experienced players can compete on an even playing field where highly-ranked players will receive a damage handicap!

Players will face each other in a series of free-for-alls with Items set to medium. At the conclusion of the series, the 4 players with the best records will compete in a final play-off to win the keys to the Weenie Hut!


Hi-Score Club Super Smash Bros. Championship


General Rules

Arena Settings:

  • 3 Stocks

  • 10 Minute Time Limit.

  • Items are disabled.

  • Default Smash Sudden Death rules (1 stock, 300%, shrinking stage) are in effect if a game goes to time with stocks still remaining.

Match Format:

  • Match is determined by best 2 out of 3 games won in the Bracket Stage

  • Match is determined by best 3 out of 5 games won in the Championship Final.

Tournament Structure: Bracket Stage

  • The main body of the tournament will be a Double Elimination knockout bracket. Players will progress through the bracket as shown above.

  • Players that lose one match are moved to the Second Chance bracket to continue playing.

  • Players who lose a second match are knocked out of the tournament.

  • The undefeated player & the winner of the Second Chance bracket both advance to the Championship Final.

Tournament Structure: Championship Final

Winner claims the Hi-Score Club championship crown, and forever will be lauded with the accolade of "Galaxy Brain".

Stage Picks

  • The first match of each set will by default be played on Battlefield, or any Battlefield variant.

  • For all games after the first, stage choice is loser's pick from the legal stages listed below.

  • In the Championship Final, the player who remained undefeated in the Bracket automatically gets first stage pick.

  • HSC FUN TIME RULE - The below stage list is a  guideline for the benefit of keeping things fair! But FUN is important too! If BOTH players are consenting, ANY stage can be chosen, or both players may set their stage choice to random.

Legal/ Recommended Stages

- Battlefield (+ all Battlefield Stages)

- Final Destination (+ all Omega Stages)

- Dream Land

- Yoshi's Story

- Fountain of Dreams

- Pokémon Stadium

- Yoshi's Island

- Halberd

- Lylat Cruise

- Pokémon Stadium 2

- Castle Siege

- Smashville

- Skyloft

- Town and City

- Boxing Ring

- Pilotwings


General Rules 


Arena Settings:

  • 4 Stocks

  • 10 Minute Time Limit.

  • Items: ON (medium frequency).

  • Damage Handicap: ON

    Those entrants who have attained high ranks in the 1v1 Hi-Score Club tournaments will be accordingly handicapped in the Weenie Hut! Their handicaps will be as follows:

    Rank  DMG

  • 1     300%

  • 2     240%

  • 3     180%

  • 4     120%

  • 5     60%

Tournament Structure: Weenie Hut Round Robin

  • The tournament will take the form of a series of eight 4-player 4-stock games, each featuring a predetermined selection of players. By the end of the series, each player will have participated in four games.

  • At the end of these matches, each players' scores will be combined and the four top scoring players will go on to participate in the Grand Final. 

  • A player's score is calculated as their total number of kills minus their total number of deaths and self-destructs. In addition, a player will also get a single point for being the last player alive in each game.

Tournament Structure: Weenie Hut Grand Final

The Grand Final will take the form of one final 4-player game, featuring a stage and ruleset that will be announced at the time. Be prepared for anything! The Weenie Hut is a realm of chaos!!

Stage Picks

All stages will be selected entirely at random!


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