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Asstown: The Mayors

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Charlie Jamison is a secret princess and D.Va main, though not necessarily in that order.


David Thair is the Mayor of Asstown. Don’t worry - it’s a podcast about Animal Crossing.


Ed White is an IT drone from Sector 7G and plays in the bands Ex People and Tough Choices. See Episode 1's shownotes for his Town Pass Card.


Ho-Yee Li has a lot of hobbies, two cats, and is the ringleader of notorious Splatoon squad Shrimp Bizkit.


Kristyna Baczynski make comics and illustrations, and is also a mammal that puts on clothes and talks.


Martin Steenton is a man-baby trying hard to be a baby-man. Can often be found streaming games with fellow Hi-Score Club members at


Timothy Winchester is a sassy, independent man who can do anything. He has his own podcast, People I Know.

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