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Pay a short visit to Asstown in this special preview, where the mayor of the podcast and three guests discuss Animal Crossing's mysterious earthy hydrants: gyroids. 
In this episode, we talk about what Animal Crossing actually is - and what makes it so special. Mayor David gets a bit het up. And we travel with one of our mayors to Big Tuna, a town lost in time.
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Is this the hour-long podcast dedicated to 100% Barold news, analysis and opinion you've been looking for? Not this time I'm afraid: we also talk about other Animal Crossing characters and villagers, pay a visit to Chuk Chuk, and open the listener mailbag.
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The gang explore some of Animal Crossing’s central mysteries: what are gyroids, should you drink pigeon milk - and what’s Tortimer really up to on that island? Plus, Timothy confronts his past as we take a trip to the lost town of Sassly.
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Asstown's guest mayors talk us through their favourite seasons and events, and they share their top Stalk Market turnip trading tips. Charlie takes us on a tour of the (potentially) Unesco World Heritage Town of Rosewish. Plus - one lucky listener gets their home appraised by the HHA. 
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Mayor Thair introduces his rudimentary six-step plan for the perfect town in Animal Crossing, and Martin reveals the troubled project at the heart of Steentown.
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